Saturday, August 12, 2017

Silver Petticoat Review - The Kindness Beneath the Joseon Gunman

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Those who know Korean drama, may be familiar with Lee Joon-Ki. He played the orphaned Wang So in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and does an excellent job in historical shows. So I was excited to find his show from 2014, Gunman in Joseon. Check out an excerpt of my Romantic Moment of the Week, when Hae-Won tells Hanjo she was once a slave, and be sure to follow the link to the whole article on The Silver Petticoat Review.

Excerpt from the Silver Petticoat Review: 

[Hanjo] looks at [Hye-Won] with a small smile and she returns his gaze. It is clear the admiration for each other has not changed – in fact, perhaps it has only grown. Hanjo’s own situation, and knowledge of what he is hiding behind the name Hasegawa Hanjo – the son of a “traitor” and a sister who suffered for three years in his absence – gives him a genuine understanding and compassion."

What he goes on to tell Hye-Won is one of the best lines of gentle affirmation I have heard in a K-drama...and made me love Lee Joon-Ki's acting even more!

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