Monday, July 24, 2017

Guest Post: Situations Like This

Dear friends, today I am sharing this urgent need from Ting Ministries' partners in Ukraine. There are so many needs in our ministry, let alone the world, but I hope you will read this story and pray for this young family. I don't know if it is because I was adopted from Russia or have a heart for Ukraine, but their plight has been on my mind since I heard about it. Situations like this are how children end up in orphanages - and this family is trying to do all they can to stay together! If you have always wanted to help orphans, but don't know how, this is an emergency and great opportunity to show the love of Jesus.

Guest Post from TM:

Sergey, Oksana and their one-month-old son, Yulian
Please read this about this urgent need from our Ukrainian partners at Bible Orphan Ministry. Please keep this young family in your prayers and share their story, so we can find help:

Guest Post from BOM:

Hello everybody! We hope everyone has a wonderful day! We have a problem and we need your help and mercy of the Lord Jesus...
Please, meet young couple Sergey and Oksana. They have on their hands the newborn baby Yulian,who is only one month old. He is so precious and so sweet baby! Sergey just has found a job. No money for food and everything else. They often are hungry, as there is nothing to cook.BOM provided a little help with clothes for baby boy. Thank you so much for your donations! The biggest problem is that they have nowhere to live! Thus sweet young family with their newborn is homeless!!! Our hearts are absolutely broken. Can you imagine how scared they are??? How many worries, thoughts and fears in the heart? Where to go? What to do? Both orphans, without the support of relatives and friends, both are alone. We know the young father and mother for many years. Sergey and Oksana are very young and do not know what to do. They just graduated from the trade school this year. They still have much to do... Our goal is to help them temporarily with housing. This need $135 per month. Please, would anyone be interested in giving a roof over their heads for little Yulian so that he would be with his beloved parents and be safe? Would someone be interested in helping get rid of the stress and worries of this young family, please? How we can leave precious baby Yulian homeless and unsafe? Would you pray for this sweet family, please? They can find peace, love and grace in Jesus Christ. We would be so thankful for sharing the info! 

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Please leave a note for "housing for newborn Yulian". Thank you very much! May God bless you!

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