Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Accurate Portrayal of a Disabled Orphan from an Unlikely Source

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When I started watching Scarlet Heart: Ryeo I expected a historical drama. Never did I expect a serious portrayal of what it means to be an orphan. Much less did I expect the orphaned character to have a disability. Read an excerpt of my newest article below and check out The Silver Petticoat Review for the full article.

Excerpt from the Silver Petticoat Review: 

"[...] I was intrigued by Joon-Ki’s role. The 4th prince is a man who grew up abandoned and ostracized. His scar is looked upon as a physical disability (at the time). These are heavy, important topics – not often seen in many shows – and the depth Joon-Ki pours into the role blew me away."

I've actually written about this show before on my blog here. This post is about the specific issues Wang So faces because of growing up an orphan with a disability. Of course it is a fictional drama, but the reality is unexpectedly and sadly accurate. 

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