Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Utterly Swoon-Worthy Second-Lead!

Read the complete, original article here.

Head on over to The Silver Petticoat Review to read my article about the utterly lovable character, played by Choi Si-Won, that stole the show in She Was Pretty. (Hint: He wasn't the lead!)

Here's an peek at one of the heart-melting moments from She Was Pretty. (Psst! The original article includes pictures of this swoon-worthy K-Drama second-lead).

Orabeoni, Interrupting
 "[...] Hye-Jin and Shin-Hyuk’s friendship starts out as an older brother (orabeoni) and younger sister (dongsaeng) relationship and he makes it his personal mission to pest her endlessly. One day [...] [w]hen Hye-Jin remarks how pretty the sky looks, he looks at her with a smile and says “Yes. It is pretty.” Aww. My heart just melted a bit. Or a lot."

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