Monday, May 16, 2016

Now It's Too Late

Tonight, my heart is tired.
Looking through Reece's Rainbow, I realized how many children have aged out-- children I thought about, prayed for, and watched daily to see if a family came for them.

No one ever came.

Tonight, I want to share just some of these children with you. I recognized more children on the aged out list than I included on this post...The children I chose to write about are particularly on my heart. (Photos and info courtesy of Reece's Rainbow. Please click on either link above to learn more).

Micah...He was on the list for a couple years.


Precious Reign...She is 16 years old. Look at the hopelessness in her eyes...


Anna Michelle...She grabbed my heart the day I saw her picture. She is blind. Imagine how a family could have changed her life...

Anna Michelle

Natalie...She is another girl I noticed on the aging-out list again and again...


Oh, sweet Veronica...It was our shared case of mild Cerebral Palsy that drew my heart to her. (I had advocated for her before, I think it was on last Father's Day). Now, she will never have a mama or papa to tell her how much she is loved.


Precious Mindy...She also has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. How much potential she has! How she could have benefited from a family...

Mindy (2)

My Isolde... She has a more severe form of Cerebral Palsy. Isolde will always hold a special place in my heart, because she was one of the first children I ever advocated for, three years ago. The Lord had just placed a passion and burden on my heart for the aging out orphans at that time...Dear Isolde, please know that I think of you often. When I saw that you aged out, I was burdened for you even more, knowing that you will likely go to an institution...


My heart is heavy for these children. Perhaps you do not understand why. Sasha, you say. There are so many orphans. These are just a few-- and you've never even met them.

You are right. There are 156 million orphans. And I've never met any of these children. But the Lord knows each of them by name. He knows their every thought and fear and joy. While these children may not have earthly families, I know they have a Father who loves them.


That does not mean that we should sit by while children wait for families.
A child ages out every 2.5 seconds.
We are called to do something.

Whether it is through prayer, advocating, adopting or supporting families in the process of adoption...We can all do something.

Ting Ministries has a vision to get churches in the United States and other countries on board with adoption. While orphans with disabilities may benefit from adoption to the United States...What about the other, "healthy" teenagers?

What if they could be adopted and supported in-country, so they could grow to be leaders for Christ in their own culture?

Please go to: to learn more.
Now that you know, what will you do?

Please, don't turn away.

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