Tuesday, July 25, 2017

She Was Pretty: New Article and an Unexpected Adoption

Read the complete, original article here. 

My newest review is available on The Silver Petticoat Review. This is my second article about this fun, romantic comedy. Besides being overall enjoyable, another (unexpected) part of the show was that one of the characters is adopted. It was interesting to see an international adoptee's storyline woven into the plot in a new way. If you've seen the show, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Check out an excerpt from my review below and follow the link to the original article.

Excerpt from The Silver Petticoat Review: 
"This romantic comedy is the perfect escape after a long day [...] at the heart of this lovable drama are some great lessons about kindness and beauty in a world that is so often quick to judge."

Monday, July 24, 2017

Guest Post: Situations Like This

Dear friends, today I am sharing this urgent need from Ting Ministries' partners in Ukraine. There are so many needs in our ministry, let alone the world, but I hope you will read this story and pray for this young family. I don't know if it is because I was adopted from Russia or have a heart for Ukraine, but their plight has been on my mind since I heard about it. Situations like this are how children end up in orphanages - and this family is trying to do all they can to stay together! If you have always wanted to help orphans, but don't know how, this is an emergency and great opportunity to show the love of Jesus.

Guest Post from TM:

Sergey, Oksana and their one-month-old son, Yulian
Please read this about this urgent need from our Ukrainian partners at Bible Orphan Ministry. Please keep this young family in your prayers and share their story, so we can find help:

Guest Post from BOM:

Hello everybody! We hope everyone has a wonderful day! We have a problem and we need your help and mercy of the Lord Jesus...
Please, meet young couple Sergey and Oksana. They have on their hands the newborn baby Yulian,who is only one month old. He is so precious and so sweet baby! Sergey just has found a job. No money for food and everything else. They often are hungry, as there is nothing to cook.BOM provided a little help with clothes for baby boy. Thank you so much for your donations! The biggest problem is that they have nowhere to live! Thus sweet young family with their newborn is homeless!!! Our hearts are absolutely broken. Can you imagine how scared they are??? How many worries, thoughts and fears in the heart? Where to go? What to do? Both orphans, without the support of relatives and friends, both are alone. We know the young father and mother for many years. Sergey and Oksana are very young and do not know what to do. They just graduated from the trade school this year. They still have much to do... Our goal is to help them temporarily with housing. This need $135 per month. Please, would anyone be interested in giving a roof over their heads for little Yulian so that he would be with his beloved parents and be safe? Would someone be interested in helping get rid of the stress and worries of this young family, please? How we can leave precious baby Yulian homeless and unsafe? Would you pray for this sweet family, please? They can find peace, love and grace in Jesus Christ. We would be so thankful for sharing the info! 

Send gift of love through PayPal tingministries@comcast.net Send a check Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
904 State Drive
Lebanon, PA 17042
Please leave a note for "housing for newborn Yulian". Thank you very much! May God bless you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Accurate Portrayal of a Disabled Orphan from an Unlikely Source

Read the complete, original article here.

When I started watching Scarlet Heart: Ryeo I expected a historical drama. Never did I expect a serious portrayal of what it means to be an orphan. Much less did I expect the orphaned character to have a disability. Read an excerpt of my newest article below and check out The Silver Petticoat Review for the full article.

Excerpt from the Silver Petticoat Review: 

"[...] I was intrigued by Joon-Ki’s role. The 4th prince is a man who grew up abandoned and ostracized. His scar is looked upon as a physical disability (at the time). These are heavy, important topics – not often seen in many shows – and the depth Joon-Ki pours into the role blew me away."

I've actually written about this show before on my blog here. This post is about the specific issues Wang So faces because of growing up an orphan with a disability. Of course it is a fictional drama, but the reality is unexpectedly and sadly accurate. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Is it a Happily Ever After? New Post Available on The Silver Petticoat Review!

Read the complete, original article here.

Over at the Silver Petticoat Review, Saturday means Romantic Moment of the Week time! This week, I wrote about Queen In-Hyun's Man, a historical/time-travel/romantic drama perfect for those looking for a historical drama with lots of lighthearted moments and romance! Sneak a peek at the article below:

Excerpt from my new article on The Silver Petticoat Review:

"Her reassurance seems to be the only words Boong-Do needed as he gathers her into a warm embrace. With her head against his chest, she asks, “It’s all over now, right?” “Yes, it is,” he tells her. Only after she asks again, does she then close her eyes and relax completely in his arms. In the silence, Boong-Do speaks [...]".
What does Boong-Do tell Hee-Jin? Read the whole article at The Silver Petticoat Review to find out! (Hint: It's wonderfully romantic!) 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flower Through the Rock

Though this song was originally intended to be a romantic song from a Korean Drama, the moment I heard it... I was amazed how it captured the exact complexities of adoption and orphan care. 

Whether you bonded with your child instantly, 
(did you come to me through the wind?)

or pray and rejoice in every small smile from your child who suffers from years of institutional neglect 
(Even if there is no warm touch or longing look, like a flower that blooms through a rock)

or you remember the faces of children you were not able to bring home.
(But I can’t approach or get farther from you, so I’m just crying).

The children for whom we are waiting to come home and as we wait the love grows 
(I guess it grows on its own I’m talking about my feelings for you)

the tears that come, looking at the photo of your child, on the other side of the world 
(Because I can only look at you)

the pain of knowing you can't change their past of growing up unwanted, neglected..
(Because I can’t touch your hurting places)

days when your heart is burdened for all of the 156 million orphans in the world
(I told myself no and tried to fix my heart today)

and the heartbreaking news that a child you love has aged out or passed away...
(I tell myself no and erase your name a thousand times, I tell myself no and write it a thousand times again)

When this happens, we continue to advocate. All the orphans we have loved are gathered in our hearts and urge us forward with hope for the next.
(It comes back, it comes back, you’re always in front of me)

I encourage you to play this beautiful song as you take the time to look through the pictures below. Some of these children have aged out, some are part my family's own adoption story, and some are still waiting for families... 

Flower Through the Rock (by A Li) ~ Video: Credit to Owner
I guess it grows on its own
I’m talking about my feelings for you

Even if there is no warm touch or longing look
Like a flower that blooms through a rock

I can’t do anything
Because tears come when I see you
Because I can’t touch your hurting places

Because I can only look at you

I told myself no and turned my head yesterday
I told myself no and tried to fix my heart today

Photo Credit: Reece's Rainbow

No matter how much I tell myself and erase your name
It comes back, it comes back, you’re always in front of me

Did you come to me through the wind?
Your scent is so thick

But I can’t approach or get farther from you
So I’m just crying

I told myself no and turned my head yesterday
I told myself no and tried to fix my heart today
No matter how much I tell myself and erase your name
It comes back, it comes back, you’re always in front of me

If I put you in my heart
Even my tears shine, do you know?

Photo Credit: Reece's Rainbow
Although I love you...
I tell myself no and erase your name a thousand times
I tell myself no and write it a thousand times again
I know it can’t be but if it’s not you
To me, no one else can be my love

Photo Credit: Reece's Rainbow
In Honor of "Isolde" who first opened my heart to the plight
of aging out orphans - and who lit a spark that lasts today.

Note: The children who have Ting Ministries symbols on their pictures are listed on Ting Ministries' Child Waiting Child Advocacy page. Please contact Ting Ministries for more information. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Title-This-Painting Contest (Details Below!)

I am so excited to share this contest with you! Check out this event from Ting Ministries about art for orphans, by orphans! I hope you will consider participating (it's free, easy, and FUN!)

Original Post from Ting Ministries Here

Question: What do you get when you mix two adopted sisters with a lot of paint?
Answer: Art for Orphans (by orphans!)
Hannah and Ellianna were busy on a sunny afternoon painting! By the end of the day, it was hard to tell which was more paint-covered: the canvas or the girls?!

There are no words needed - look at the joy on their faces. These two sisters were meant for one another. Many adoptive families are often asked: How do you choose your child? After all, there are so many. Our answer? You just KNOW. This was true for Hannah and Ellianna and it is still true for the two girls waiting in China. Please HELP Hope and Brittan by going to www.youcaring.com/return2chinaEllianna and Hannah thank you! They are waiting excitedly for their sisters to come home!

Starting tomorrow at noonTing Ministries will be holding a Title-This-Painting Contest. We will unveil a picture of the whole canvas and YOU can help choose the title. Submit your title in the comments (here or on Facebook), message us, or send it in an email to tingministries@comcast.net. The contest will run for a week, ending at 9 pm on Sunday, July 9th. Ting Ministries will choose the best title to be painted onto the canvas. Feel free to show us your favorite titles by liking the comments. The person who sends us the winning title will receive a printed frame of the painting, as well as a set of handmade greeting cards and a Team Ting shirt!

Get sharing and be ready to title on!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Utterly Swoon-Worthy Second-Lead!

Read the complete, original article here.

Head on over to The Silver Petticoat Review to read my article about the utterly lovable character, played by Choi Si-Won, that stole the show in She Was Pretty. (Hint: He wasn't the lead!)

Here's an peek at one of the heart-melting moments from She Was Pretty. (Psst! The original article includes pictures of this swoon-worthy K-Drama second-lead).

Orabeoni, Interrupting
 "[...] Hye-Jin and Shin-Hyuk’s friendship starts out as an older brother (orabeoni) and younger sister (dongsaeng) relationship and he makes it his personal mission to pest her endlessly. One day [...] [w]hen Hye-Jin remarks how pretty the sky looks, he looks at her with a smile and says “Yes. It is pretty.” Aww. My heart just melted a bit. Or a lot."